Halloween 2015

All Hallows’ Eve. It’s my favorite time of the year. (Next to Christmas, of course!) There is just something about being able to dress up and put on a different face. I always get so excited when Halloween decorations show up in stores because that means it is officially the time of the year. I imagine myself, in the future, to be that lady who goes overboard with decorations every year and throws Halloween themed parties.

I always like to start Halloween early. Who says it’s only a one day affair? That way, I don’t have to pick just one costume. I also get to do more Halloween activities. This year, I had four costumes. Yes, four! I might’ve gotten too carried away with celebrating that I forgot to take better photos. So excuse the photos! Although, I did do some dubsmashes with the the looks, so I’ll post that here too.

The first look is Cheshire Cat. I did this makeup last year but I had a bit more practice so it turned out 10x better. Aside from white face paint, I used makeup I already owned. I drew the mouth with black gel liner and filled in the teeth with white face paint. For color, I used pink and purple eyeshadow from the BH Hollywood palette from BH Cosmetics.

This next look wasn’t planned. The idea came to me when I bought a wig for a separate costume. Since the wig was a orange-y red-ish color, I though – Ariel! Or more like her long lost distant cousin, twice removed. I drew inspiration from a Pinterest post for mermaid makeup, using blues and greens from the BH Hollywood palette on the eyes. I filled on my brows with red eyeshadow, threw on the wig, mermaid inspired clothes, and voilà. 


This look was the main reason for the wig. I recently got into watching a Filipino TV show and I’m obsessed. On the show, there are three sisters that are all played by male comedians. For my costume, I decided on the oldest sister, Lola Nidora. I used a glue stick and foundation to cover my natural eyebrows and drew in new ones a bit higher than normal. I went heavy on the makeup, packing on the eyeshadow, liner and blush. I had so much fun with this look. I’ll post a photo of the original Lola Nidora and my finished look.

The fourth look was for the 31st. Since I was working all night, I couldn’t do anything too crazy. I actually did this look on my nephew earlier in the week and just recreated it on myself. On the right half of my face, I did regular makeup. On the left, I painted on a skeleton look. I used black gel liner and eyeshadow for the eyes, nose, teeth, and cheeks. And white face paint for the rest. I wore a LBD with a black blazer to complete the look.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!


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