Vegan Chinese Restaurant

Vegan chinese food?! Simply put, I knew I had to try this place. I have a few friends that are either vegan or vegetarian and being the curious mind that I am, they would let me taste their food or suggest different places I should try. The carnivore in me loves Chinese food so I thought I’d give this place a try.

The restaurant is called Veggie House and it’s tucked away in the center of China Town in Las Vegas. It definitely was an experience with a table of 6 that included 1 vegan, 1 vegetarian and 4 meat eaters.

We all decided to choose one dish and share. The portions were large enough to do so.

Let me name the dishes in the photo above (clockwise starting at the bottom right): Fried dumplings, an empty plate of fried dumplings, beef chow fun noodles, kung pao chicken, mongolian beef, another empty plate of fried dumplings, spicy Cajun veggie fish, happy roll, and orange chicken in the center.

I absolutely loved the place. It tasted just like real meats. If I were to ever switch over to being vegan, I think this place would be somewhere I frequent. My favorite dishes were the fried dumplings (so much that we had to do 3 orders), orange chicken and the beef chow fun.

I will definitely go back to Veggie House. It’s a must try in my books.


One thought on “Vegan Chinese Restaurant

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