NYC Eats

New York has always been a dream. Every bucket list, vacation plans, possible future home – all included New York. This summer, I was blessed enough to finally set foot in the concrete jungle.

It was a short five day trip. Don’t get me wrong, we did tons in that amount of time. We did everything on our “want to do” lists but five days wasn’t nearly enough time spent in a city I’ve only dreamt about.

Food was definitely a main component of this trip. And I am still daydreaming of all that good stuff. If not the city itself, I think the food is what will bring me back to New York in the future.

Kith Treats – Manhattan

The idea of Kith Treats is one of a kind. Tucked away inside a street wear clothing store, Kith Treats serve different cereal-based treats. I opted for the Ice Cream Swirl (cereal swirled with vanilla ice cream) and chose fruity pebbles and marshmallow charms as my mix-ins.

Kobeyaki – 6th & Broadway

Magnolia Bakery – Rockefeller Center

Their Banana Pudding is to die for! So good.

Prince Street Pizza – Soho/Nolita

The Halal Guys – 6th Ave & W 53rd St

I couldn’t visit NYC and not try the famous Halal Guys. This small cart near Central Park is a must-try. We ordered the chicken over rice. Ron and I shared one plate and it was more than enough for the both of us.

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream – Lower East Side

I saw an IG post about Morgenstern’s black ice cream a while back and wanted to try it ever since.  We waited in line for about 25mins but I’m glad we did. It was so good! Ron got the Green Tea Pistachio and I got the Black Coconut Ash.

Baohaus – East Village

Baohaus is definitely in a league of it’s own. It was quite a commute from our hotel but we loved it so much we went more than once. The baos were perfect each time. We were diggin’ the vibe in there too. (They were bumpin’ 90s tracks while we were there.) I can see myself doing quick road trips to the LA location just to fulfill my Baohaus cravings.

(Stay tuned for part 2 of my NYC trip.) 


3 thoughts on “NYC Eats

  1. Willia Kristine says:

    Nice one. This is the one thing that I regret not doing in NYC, eating more! I only tried Halal Guys and that’s it. Other food places were the usual commonly known restaurants lol.


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