13 Nights of Halloween: DIY Porch Light Covers

It’s that time of the year! And I’m excited! This year, I wanted to partake in 13 Days of Halloween. I’ll be posting a Halloween themed post everyday till Halloween.

For Day 1, I’ll be sharing a quick DIY to help make your house feel a bit more festive. Add some spook to your decorations with this quick and simple do-it-yourself porch light cover.

All you need are:

  • Pumpkin Pails ($1 each at Walmart)
  • Marker (optional)
  • X-Acto Knife (or scissors)
  • Ruler (optional)

I decided on the traditional Jack-o-Lantern pails but Walmart had a variety of colors and faces to choose from.

You can skip this part if you’re good at free hand but I like to have a guide so I know I’m cutting straight. This is where I map out where I need to cut. I used a washable marker so I could make any necessary changes.

I used my trusty X-Acto Knife to cut out the bottom of the pail.

Cut off the area that you mapped out. And cut a slit down the middle for easy installment.

And you’re done! Easy, right?!

This is a great way to decorate for Halloween when you’re low on time and budget! Share your creations with me on my social medias! Stay tuned for more posts on 13 Nights of Halloween.


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