13 Nights of Halloween: Quick Halloween Makeup

Here is a quick Halloween makeup tutorial for those nights you get last minute party invites with no costume and just your makeup bag.

This Jack O Lantern makeup look takes no time at all and I just used stuff I already had in my makeup bag, no special fx needed.

Start with a fresh clean face. Think of it as a blank canvas. I prepped my face with my every day routine of moisturizers and primer.

For my brows, I used the NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder.

For my eyes, I started by swiping orange eyeshadow from my BH Cosmetics palette all over the eyelid. I created a smokey look by adding black eyeshadow from the e.l.f Mad for Matte palette to the outer corners.

I took the same orange eyeshadow and drew two vertical panels on my face. This mimic the lines or ridges of a pumpkin.

Drew an outline of a Jack O Lantern smile with a eyeliner pencil then filled it in with liquid eyeliner for a darker shade.
I also added diamond accents to my eyes with the black liquid eyeliner. And that’s it! I would usually add lashes to this look but ran out of eyelash glue. Although, this look totally works with or without falsies on. Instead, I just exaggerated my usual winged liner.

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy Halloween makeup idea. Stay tuned for the next installment of 13 Nights of Halloween!


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