Plan With Me | Leuchtturm1917 Journal Review

When I first started the bullet journaling system, I just used a regular normal sized notebook I had laying around. That is what’s so great about this system – it works with any notebook.

I was at the end of my notebook and was shopping around for a new one. The Leuchtturm1917 Dotted Notebook was one that was popular amongst bullet journalers so that was first on my list.

I had the hardest time finding the Leuchtturm1917 notebook in Las Vegas. At first, I was skeptical to buy it online because I wanted to see it’s size in person. After lots of research and almost giving up, I found a small stationery shop in town called Alligator Soup that sells them!

I ended up choosing the Leuchtturm1917 Dotted Notebook in Nordic Blue. I thought I wanted a black cover but I fell in love with this color the moment I saw it.

The Leuchtturm1917 notebook is a perfect notebook for bullet journaling because it has everything you need in a notebook.

It comes with 249 numbered pages. The pages are thicker than you average sheet of paper so depending on the pen, bleed through shouldn’t be a problem.

It also comes with a blank table of contents and 2 page markers. These are great tools to help you keep track of what is in your BuJo.

And at the end cover, you’ll find an expandable pocket for storage.

So far, I’ve been using the Leuchtturm1917 notebook as my Bullet Journal and I don’t think I could ever use another journal ever again. The dotted pages easily give you space to add your own creative touches and make the journal your own.

I’ve used different brands of pens and markers, and I haven’t had an issue with bleed through yet.

While it’s possible to use the Bullet Journal system in any notebook, I do suggest getting the Leuchtturm1917 if you’re able to spend the extra buck. x


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