Plan With Me| November Setup

Hafa Adai! It’s so crazy that it’s November 2017 already! I know everyone always says this but where did the year go?! I promise, I was just celebrating the New Years yesterday. And now we’re creeping up on another new year. Wow.

Today, I’ll be sharing my monthly setup in my bullet journal for November.

For November, I decided on falling leaves as the theme. It just give off the perfect fall vibes and I love it! For the color scheme, I selected a few different brown and grey hues from the Crayola Super Tips pack.

I started November off with my monthly calendars. Since I’m still new to bullet journaling, I drew in two styles of monthly calendars because I’m still unsure which works better for me.

Next up, I have my trackers. I placed my habit and mood trackers together on one page and I gave my expense tracker it’s own full page.

Weekly spreads are my favorite to do. It’s so much fun trying to come up with different layouts to do. For the first week of November, I decided on a simple spread.

I wanted to do something different for my weekly H20 tracker because the usually grid system I was using started to get boring to me.

Since my theme was falling leaves, I drew out eight various leaves per day. My idea was that per each 8oz. water that I consume, I will color in a leaf, alternating the accent colors for the month. Something different to add life to my bullet journal.

If you have any ideas I could do for upcoming monthly or weekly spreads, let me know! x


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