13 Nights of Halloween: Easy Halloween Makeup

Every year, I end up spending so much on fx Halloween makeup. I see them in store with all the fun colors that I just can’t help myself. But it turns out, I don’t even need need to do that anymore! There are tons of looks you can create simply with just your makeup bag.

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13 Nights of Halloween: Favorite Halloween Movies

Movies are a must in my household. It’s a perfect way to set the mood for the different seasons. It’s also a great way to get everyone together. I have a set of favorite movies that I love to watch in the summer, another set in the fall, and in the winter.

Because Halloween movies are my biggest set of all, it was extremely hard to narrow it down. But I wanted to share the 10 movies that I tend to watch more than others.

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13 Nights of Halloween: Small Details

Setting up decorations are a quick way to get into a festive mood. Just being surrounded by any season or holiday’s decorations somehow does the trick.

Houses in my neighborhood are quick to decorate once the holidays roll by. Usually by the end of the first week of October, the streets in my neighborhood are lined with pumpkins, spider webs, and ghosts. And the Christmas lights go up by mid November. And I love it! 

Adding even just small holiday themed details around the house will liven up the atmosphere. For my second post for 13 Nights of Halloween, I wanted to shared the touches I added to my work space to get myself into the Halloween spirit.

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